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CALIFORNIA LEADS WAY WITH ACCOUNTABILITY REPORT CARD FOR GUIDANCE PROGRAMS ...  The Support Personnel Accountability Report Card (SPARC) is a continuous improvement tool that gives a school site an opportunity to demonstrate effective communication and a commitment to getting student support program results. Modeled after the School Accountability Report Card (SARC), the SPARC was developed in 2000 by an advisory group of Los Angeles County counselors, counselor supervisors, counselor educators, and California Department of Education consultants. Please go to  to review more than 140 report cards from schools in California, Texas, Wisconsin and Rhode Island. Information on how to get a SPARC going in your school as well as research on SPARC effectiveness are at the website as well.

ELEMENTARY COUNSELING GRANT TAKES LEARNING TO NEW HEIGHTS; CAREER CHOICES TO THE CHILDREN ...   Elementary education is about to take on a whole new character -  called simply the "Elementary Counseling Grant" - it brings to the Territory a guidance program that will have a career focus for students in grades 1-8. here for to read more...


The Florida Department of Education has issued K-12 Memo #2007-25, Legislative Changes Relating to the Career and Education Planning Course/Updated List of Courses.  The memorandum  and description of courses may be viewed at:  (Memo)
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There are excellent courses on all aspects of guidance that could be highly transportable.   Contact Zelda Rogers, FDE,

HANDBOOK AVAILABLE - The newly revised Graduation Handbook that is effective for the class of 2010 is now posted on the web. It can be found at:

CURRICULUM AVAILABLE - Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Program Curriculum lessons that reflect the newly revised Standards and Grade Level Expectations are now available on the Missouri Center for Career Education (MCCE) website at

INDIVIDUAL PLANNING:  Revised Graduation Handbook available   As mentioned in the last Digest, the newly revised Graduation Handbook that is effective for the class of 2010 is now posted on the web. It can be found at:

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