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Getting Students Ready for College & Jobs!

  Did you know that certified automotive technicians can make $100,000 per year, executive chefs can earn $84,000 annually, and that it's not uncommon for some Web site designers to earn $78,000 per year? Where do students learn the skills and gain the valuable hands-on experience required for these and many other high-paying professions? The answer is simply, "in any of American Samoa's career/technical education programs."

This valuable information will assist counselors in helping students plan their education and career paths. Counselors can help students identify their interests, provide information to parents about colleges and financial aid, and share tips for success in school.

Counselors, guide your students in planning their education and career paths for ultimate success!

Back To School Planning Guide - Advancing technological literacy among Counselors & Educators

Counselor Guide [PDFs, Part1, Part 2]

Facilitator Trainer Guide for College Access Tabloid [PPTx]  *

Four Year Education Plans [PDFs]
Outlines courses for careers within each cluster.

Counselor Brochures

Effectiveness of School Counseling Research [PDF]

Connect with Guidance - 50 States [PDF]

Listing of all State Guidance Leaders [PDF]

1st Grade Career Development & Life Skills Curriculum [PDF]

2nd Grade Career Development & Life Skills Curriculum [PDF]

3rd Grade Career Development & Life Skills Curriculum [PDF]

4th Grade Career Development & Life Skills Curriculum [PDF]

5th Grade Career Development & Life Skills Curriculum [PDF]

6th Grade Career Development & Life Skills Curriculum [PDF]

7th Grade Career Development & Life Skills Curriculum [PDF]

8th Grade Career Development & Life Skills Curriculum [PDF]

9th Grade Guidance Curriculum [PDF]

10th Grade Guidance Curriculum [PDF]

11th Grade Guidance Curriculum [PDF]

12th Grade Guidance Curriculum [PDF]

American Samoa Tabloid Guide - Career Voyages [PDF]


A View Towards Integration For Classroom Delievery - The purpose of this monograph is to stimulate a dialogue between counselors, their guidance programs, and classroom teachers about how they might work together to design or continue to and implement community service-learning efforts.  2006 - [PDF]

2011 Guidance Policy and Legislative White Paper - [PDF]

A National Framework For State Programs Of Guidance And Counseling
Developed by the National Consortium for State Guidance Leadership, this National Framework presents the standards, indicators, and descriptors that comprise a comprehensive guidance and counseling program at the State level and for local schools.  The Framework addresses school and student accountability and success, identifies a set of program standards and performance indicators, and shows the content of comprehensive guidance and counseling programs in terms of student competencies. - (very large file, divided into parts)[PDFs Parts 1, 2, 3, 4]

An Innovative Approach to Work Study
This publication discusses Central Washington University's approach to the Federal Work-Study Program; the link to FWS is helpful, also.

Youth Explore Career Information From the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Exploring Career Information provides introductory career information for students. Students can learn about job duties, working conditions, and training requirements.

Student Aid on the Web
This portal is your source for free information from the US Department of Education on preparing for and funding education beyond high school.

Free US Department of Education Publications
This is the order page for free publications for middle and high school levels on College Preparation from the US Department of Education.

7 Easy Steps to the FAFSA
A student's guide to the free application for federal student aid. This site includes a great video tutorial.

Federal Government Student Aid is a Student Aid website sponsored by the Federal Government. It contains information about paying for college, college admission, selecting the right school for you and much more.

Military Resources - click here

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