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OUR MISSION:  To turn a backyard passion into a worthwhile philanthropic endeavor.

Many people are not as blessed as I am, so I would like to do my part to help out others that are "in-need."  By growing the plants that I love to grow and giving a portion of the profits away to a worthy cause brightens my day, along with others!

Here's how the program works:   As an arrangement is purchased, 25% of the sale goes to a charity that is associated with that arrangement.  The arrangement itself then goes on to a local facility in the Farmington, CT area.  This facility may house elderly patients, people rehabbing physical ailments, and other facilities that help individuals from all walks of life.

That is how GROWING TO GIVE works!   Of course, anyone who is local to us can always elect to pick up their arrangement they purchase and keep it.

GIVING A LITTLE HELPS A LOT!    click on Home & Garden article to read write-up.

click on above article to read write-up - The Monitor, Aug 2011, p 15

Jeffrey became a Master Gardner many years ago and has been growing all sorts of Plants and Coleus varieties!  He started with a backyard greenhouse with just a few coleus slips.  Now Jeffrey enjoys the multitude of varieties he grows for his summertime corner markets and for many farmers markets throughout the area.  GIVE A PLANT to someone you care about or have it donated to someone who might need a small bright spot in their life!

coleus varieties / images

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Here's a helpful google link with lots of images of the Coleus Varieties - click here

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